Opera and Theatre Music

All works published by Scott Wheeler Music (ASCAP) unless otherwise specified.

Baba Yaga and the Black Sunflower (play by Carol Korty)    70'
Children's play
Workshop production at Emerson College 10/94; staged reading as part of New Visions/New Voices at Kennedy Center for the Arts, Washington D.C. 5/95. Premiered by Emerson Stage 11/96.
Anchorage Press

Caucasian Chalk Circle (1981) 
Songs and incidental music to the play by Brecht, for a production at Emerson College

The Construction of Boston    50'
(Published by Peer Music Classical)
(words by Kenneth Koch) Opera in one act (1988, revised 1989)
Staged version available in arrangement for two players
Staged version premiered by the Charlestown Working Theater in 1990.

Democracy (2002) (Published by Peer Music Classical)    2 hours
(libretto by Romulus Linney) Opera in two acts
Commissioned and premiered by Washington National Opera, 2005. Scenes from this work were presented at Boston Conservatory in April 1998 and at American Opera Projects in New York, October 1998. Excerpts presented at Vox (Showcasing American Music) New York City Opera, May 2000.

F & S March  (1986)    2’
Eb clarinet, Bb clarinet
Commissioned by Sophie Parker and Diane Heffner for their clown-theater work Fits and Starts

Free Fall  (1986)    15'
Electronic tape
Commissioned for the dance of the same name by choreographer Janet Craft.  First performed by the Emerson College Dance Co., 1986.

The Gold Standard     7'
(words by Kenneth Koch) for two singers, 2 clarinets, viola, cello and contrabass
Commissioned by Sequitur for premiere February, 2000 at Joe's Pub, New York.
Recorded by Sequitur, Koch.

A  Happy Fellow (1986)    25'
Mixed Chamber ensemble
Music for clown theater piece by Ronlin Foreman. Commissioned by the Arts Council of the city of Mobile,Alabama, with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Little Dragon (story by Jay O'Callahan)    28'
Children's story for storyteller, soprano, flute, horn, trombone, cello, and percussion
Commissioned by Tales and Scales of Evansville, Indiana. First performed by them 1991. See also orchestral version.

Naga (2016)    90’
(libretto by Cerise Jacobs) Opera in two acts
(Published by Peer Music Classical)
Commissioned and premiered by Friends of Madame White Snake and Boston Lyric Opera, 2016. Workshops at New England Conservatory and Boston University in 2015.

Rock Monologues (1984)    20'
Dance-theater collaboration with choreographer Janet Craft

The Sorrows of Frederick (2013)    2 hours
(Published by Peer Music Classical)
(libretto by Romulus Linney) Opera in two acts
Commissioned and premiered by The Metropolitan Opera and Lincoln Center Theatre. Workshopped by them in 2013.

Under The Greenwood Tree (1983)    2’
Text by Shakespeare
Commissioned for insertion into a production of The Taming of the Shrew