Scott Wheeler

Critical Acclaim

The New York Times

“The Trio, his second, shines with craftsmanship. How else could this music bear so much information with such high energy and still give an air of delicacy and transparency?”

The Washington Post

“Wheeler's score is a fine one… there remain long, inspired passages of radiance (especially the finale to Act 1, which is beautifully balanced, musically and dramatically, and sends the spectator out to intermission glowing). Best of all, he writes skillfully and idiomatically for the human voice.”

The Boston Globe

“...based on Don Nigro’s dark epilogue to Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” the opera packed one of the night’s richest scores, including crunchy harmonies for four female fairies.”

The Boston Musical Intelligencer

“One is not surprised upon hearing the score, rhythmically and sonically inventive, alive with wit and tunefulness; it is a superb composition for young treble voices.”

The Classical Review

“Wheeler displays both deft sensitivity and absorbing acuity in Turning Back – four poems by H.D. (Hilda Doolittle) that cast a sharp contemporary light on figures drawn from classical literature…”

New York Classical Review

“The music was succinct and stylish, played with wit. Brief wisps of sarabande form came through, like scattered pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This was intriguing and coalesced into a brief moment of almost-Bach that was warm and lovely.”

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